Our Menu


Ricardo Sandwich – A Cuban sandwich of braised/pulled pork, berkshire ham, Swiss cheese, home made pickles and organic French yellow mustard on a Cuban roll.  795

Dirty Bird Sandwich - Chipotle poached chicken thigh with roasted corn, sweet potato, jicama and cilantro slaw and harisa aioli on our Cuban Roll.  695

Potato Croquetas – Crispy fried potato tots, creamy  inside, with garlic and cheese. 295 495

Meat Croquetas – Same as the Potato Croquetas with meat. Meat can be ham, beef, chicken, fish or seafood depending on the day. 395 595

Pineapple Avocado Salad - Quinoa, pineapple, avocado, red onion, shallots. Vegetarian  595   Add Chicken 795  Add Shrimp  895 

Veggie Empanadas - Cumin spiced sweet potato, roasted pepper, black bean and queso fresco(cheese).  595

Gazpacho – Cold soup made with tomato, garlic, and onions.  595

Fresh Bread – We make our own bread at Cortadito, and you are welcome to order some to take home. 2

Churros & Chocolate – A fried Spanish ‘donut’ rolled in cinnamon and sugar served with a rich dipping chocolate. 495

House Cured Olives – Marinated and cured Spanish and black olives  495

Guacamole and Chips  575

Appetizer Platter - guacamole, olives, meat croquetas, potato croquetas, chipotle chicken salad, chips 1195


COFFEE & Beverages

Cortadito – Our signature drink. Literally “little cut” it gets it’s name from equal parts espresso (2 shots) and 2 ounces of steamed milk. To this we add our blend of white magic. 250

Café Cubano (Espresso) 175

Keith Richards – For bartenders, DJs and anyone looking for a major pick me up. Dark roast coffee, 3 shots espresso, brown sugar and our blend of white magic. 440

Brewed Coffee 175 205

Iced Coffee 205 240

Sport Tea 205 240

Rishi Teas 220

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 375

Au Lait 260 295

Hot Chocolate 265 320

Americano 220 265

Cappucino 295 355

Latte 295 355

Mocha 335 405



Saturdays and Sundays Starting at 10am In addition to our regular menu:

Breakfast Ricardo – The Ricardo Cuban sandwich on a round roll with egg. 575

Breakfast Dirty Bird - The Dirty Bird sandwich on a round roll with egg. 525

Fresh Juices 375